A stroke of luck for meteorite impact research

A short appreciation: Dr. Andrew Glikson – a stroke of luck for meteorite impact research

It is difficult to overestimate the importance of Dr. Glikson’s scientific work, and for us it is a great honor to quote with his permission a very long list of his publications printed in the last decades.

Andrew is one of the most important researchers of impact structures in Australia. His field and lab work has without any doubt considerably contributed to the advancement of understanding the complex phenomena of impact cratering. Together with colleagues he has pioneered the discovery and investigation of the buried big Late Devonian Woodleigh impact structure in Western Australia, with an estimated diameter between 60 and 160 km one of the largest terrestrial impact structures. He has suggested and could evidence relations between impacts and other phenomena of dynamic Earth (plumes, evolution of the primordial crust of the earth, etc.). And you will find more, if you click HERE to wander through Andrew’s marvelous bibliography.