Dear visitor of our website, dear friends and interested parties,

scientific research is not for free, and the maintenance of this website either. For quite a few years Ferran Claudin and I have privately financed our scientific work and the public presentation of the three impact websites in English, Spanish and German by substantial own funds.

If you like these sites and the material we have compiled here you may have the wish to give some support by a little donation. You could contribute to the performance of thin sections, to geochemical and mineralogical analyses and especially to facilitate field work in Spain which is impossible without traveling expenses. It’s a long way from Germany to Spain, and it all adds up.

The donated sum can be paid online relatively easily and quite secure when you click the “Donate” button below.

The donations are transferred to a special account of our webmaster D. Lorenz, and we assure that the funds will be managed and expended subject to the aims as exemplified above. Moreover, we will regularly give an account on this website of the donations and their adequate and orderly usage.