Impact structures in Germany

Here we present several pages and links on impact structures in Germany, comprising the well-known Ries and Steinheim impacts, the meanwhile established Chiemgau meteorite crater strewn field and the recently discovered Saarland and Niederrhein impact sites.

Steinheim Basin impact structure
Ries (Nördlinger Ries) impact structure Ries crater
Chiemgau impact strewn field

location map for the German impact sites Ries crater, Steinheim basin, Chiemgau impact strewn field
Location map for the meteorite impacts in Germany

Location map for the Ries (Nördlinger Ries) and the Steinheim Basin impact structures, and the Chiemgau impact strewn field.

New impact sites have recently been established in Germany:

Saarland impact

Niederrhein impact Abstract Poster