The Ries impact structure (Germany)

Ries impact structure – Ries crater – NÖRDLINGER RIES

Short introduction

More images and a more general text will be added soon. Below, you will see maps, an old volcanic-explosion sketch for the Ries crater, and a modern geologic cross section of the Ries impact structure.

On the pages of the submenus you will find topographic maps and profiles, outcrop images, Ries crater typical impactites, peculiar impact deformations, shatter cones and this and that.

geological general map of Bavaria location of the Ries crater

The Ries impact structure on the geologic map of Bavaria (1 : 500,000; by courtesy of Bayerisches Geologisches Landesamt).

geological general map of the Ries crater impact structure Nördlinger Ries

Geologic general map of the Ries impact structure.

old sketch of the Ries crater according to the former volcanic theory Ries volcano

For more than 150 years: the Ries impact structure as a volcanic explosion crater.

geologic cross section of the Ries crater from geophysics and boreholes

A modern model of the Ries impact structure based on geophysical measurements (see seismic-surveys/  and  gravity-surveys/ and  geoelectric-surveys/ and deep boreholes.