Ries crater shock metamorphism

Shock effects in the Nördlinger Ries crater are mostly concentrated to the suevite wherein all stages of shock from unshocked to shock melt can be observed.

A few typical examples are shown below . planar fractures PFs Ries crater sueviteFig. 1. Multiple sets of planar fractures (cleavage) in quartz; suevite breccia. Width of photomicrograph 600 µm.

planar feartures PDFs Nördlinger Ries crater

Fig. 2. Planar deformation features (PDF) in quartz grain. Width of image 460 µm.

PDF Ries crater multiple sets

Fig. 3. More PDFs in quartz; suevite.

highest shock level total-rock melt Ries crater

Fig.4. Highest shock level: total-rock melt (black glass) in a suevite sample.

highest shock level total-rock melt Ries crater

Fig. 5. More shock-melted rock; glass chunk weathered from a suevite.