Chiemgau impact

The Chiemgau meteorite crater strewn field (Chiemgau impact)

In the Bronze Age/Celtic era, a few thousand years ago, a large cosmic body penetrated the Earth’s atmosphere and caused a huge natural catastrophe in the region of southeast Bavaria (Germany). A group (Chiemgau Impact Research Team, CIRT) comprising researchers from geosciences (geology, geophysics, geomorphology, impact research, mineralogy petrology), astronomy, archeology and science of history in cooperation with local historians is working on this extraordinary and spectacular event having revealed a host of new and exciting findings. A special website dedicated to this event and its investigation may be clicked here: .

or (in German) here:

aerial view Tuettensee meteorite crater

Lake Tüttensee crater near Grabenstätt in the Chiemgau impact meteorite crater strewn field.

There you will find a comprehensive description of the research and its results as well as a compilation of all publications on the topic so far existing. Also, the many conflicts and controversies which are inevitable with such a spectacular research objective comprising new ideas and research approaches are not omitted on the web site.

In this connection we especially point to the Wikipedia entry of “Chiemgau impact hypothesis”. In this Wikipedia four-line article this event is characterized as “an obsolete scientific theory” that has been raised “by a team of hobby-archaeologists”. This is grossly deceptive and typifies the standpoint of a few obstinate opponents of the Chiemgau impact, hence taking their side and thwarting Wikipedia requirements.

Unfortunately and obviously the administrator of that Wikipedia page makes common cause with these narrow-minded people (having all but a serious scientific background), since the professional scientists and researchers of this impact event have always been hampered to post a corrective contribution – a very bad testimony for Wikipedia.

If you click, the official website of the chiemgau impact researchers, you will realize the stupidity and ignorance of these few obstinate opponents and, at the same time, see the path Wikipedia is more and more taking.