New book on the Carolina Bays – Review and Comment

The Neglected Carolina Bays

Ubiquitous geological evidence of a cataclysm

Antonio Zamora

322 pages

Copyright © 2020 Antonio Zamora All rights reserved.

The Carolina Bays are the most prevalent geological features of the Atlantic coastal plain but they are seldom covered in geology courses. The lack of research on the Carolina Bays and the Nebraska Rainwater Basins, which share the same elliptical geometry, has constrained our knowledge of an extraterrestrial impact that caused a major extinction event.

Edition 2 ISBN: 9798677035999


Introduction 5 What are the Carolina Bays? 15 Field Trip to the Carolina Bays 27 The Carolina Bay Controversy 52 The Carolina Bays and Oriented Lakes 65 A Broader Perspective 83 The Younger Dryas Impact Hypothesis 90 My Retirement Projects 108 The Glacier Ice Impact Hypothesis 112 Extraterrestrial Impact and Ballistic Flight 122 Soil Liquefaction 136 Impacts on Solid and Viscous Surfaces 144 Viscous relaxation 171 Deformed Bays 184 Erosive Processes 203 Dating the Carolina Bays 219 Estimate of the water ejected 238 Where is the crater? 246 Ice Boulder Re-entry 259 The Extinction Event 275 Conclusion 301 References 311 About the Author 322


Review and Comment

Carolina Bays, smald
Google Earth

Minor section and a profile through three craters with pronounced rim walls