New impact research journal: Open Access, Peer-reviewed

A peer-reviewed journal collection covering all aspects of airbursts and impacts on Earth by Comets and Asteroids – Click the image to enter this new world of impact research.

Under the auspices of the ScienceOpen platform, this new journal provides a publication forum that is arguably unparalleled within the global impact research community. Designed as an open access journal with free access to any size readership, this journal for high quality contributions is a response to what a new report (1/4/2023) in the journal NATURE described as a sharp increase in the number of purely scientific and technical articles in recent decades, with a drastic decline in submitted articles pointing in new, exciting, “disruptive” directions. This development is unfortunately accompanied by increasingly incompetent and partially manipulated peer review processes, for which there is some thought-provoking evidence directly addressed here. What expresses this alarming development better than that at MDPI journals the Editorial Board at Minerals, for example, has 405 members and the Reviewer Board 274 members, and at Geosciences 300 members occupy the Editorial Board and 198 members the Topical Advisory Panel.

This new journal will have a different character, and a detailed introduction and overview (aims and scope, article submission, published articles statistics, peer review processes, and more) is provided by clicking on the image above. A special feature is already added here that the journal also consideres quality posters and iPosters accepted from meetings (e.g. LPSC, AGU Fall Meeting, MetSoc Meeting) for publication in this journal.