Suevite (or suevite breccia)

“A suevite breccia is a polymictic impact breccia with clastic matrix that contains shocked and unshocked clasts and cogenetic melt particles (glassy or crystallized)”

Here we again point to the serious problems with the IUGS classification and nomenclature of impactites which we are discussing in more detail here:

a typical suevite sample from the Ries crater, GermanyFig. 1. Suevite breccia, Ries crater (Germany). The Ries (or Nördlinger Ries) is the type locality for the suevite impactite. Its name derives from the latin name suevia for the German region of Swabia.

suevite breccia, reddish Montoume variety, Rochechouart impact structure, FranceFig. 2. Suevite breccia, Rochechouart (France) impact structure. Red Montoume variety.

suevite breccia, Cucalón variety, Azuara impact structure, SpainFig. 3. Suevite breccia, Azuara (Spain) impact structure; Cucalón deposit.

suevite breccia, Paasselkä impact structure, FinlandFig. 4. Suevite breccia, Paasselkä (Finland) impact structure.


A comprehensive discussion of suevite breccias including many images is found on the special suevite page:

Not an impact breccia: impact melt rock

impact melt rock, granophyre, from the Vredefort impact structure, South Africa

Fig. 5. Not an impact breccia: impact melt rock (granophyre), Vredefort impact structure (South Africa).

Although macroscopically very similar to polymictic impact breccias, the term “impact melt breccia” should be avoided. Different from a breccia which by definition has a clastic matrix, an impact melt rock has a matrix solidified from a melt (glassy or crystallized). Also see: